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TOFF OFF - Georgia Toffolo has lost her gig with Sunday Times Style Mag but still has Paris H as a mate : john28july msg ’I’m not really angry, more distressed that life is becoming a Soap opera and people live as though programs such as Towie are real life!’

Georgia Toffolo Instagram
JAGGER GARAGE - Mick and Jerry’s liitle girl Georgia May starts 2018 with a quick inspection of the Jagger family lock-ups : emyvictoria msg ’this is such an Elle pose’

Georgia May Instagram
RED CARPET – Jane Fonda at Museum of Contemporary Art gala last year: rosevargas1113 msg ‘You look amazing’

Jane Fonda Instagram
MORNING AFTER – Jane Fonda after gala: ‘Here’s me the next morning. I couldn’t get my dress unzipped so I slept in it.. never wanted a husband in my life until now’

Jane Fonda Instagram

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